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Writing Prompt #2-Disclaimer

Dear bloggers,

           Moms Who Write and Blog is more than just a blog full of posts by mom bloggers, we're a community of support for mom bloggers. In addition to bringing you laughs and sarcastic parental advice we want to help you succeed. We've developed these Writing Prompts to connect with you and also spark your creativity to write. We hope to inspire you!

                 Warm Regards, Lisa and Adrienn

This Writing Prompt Session is open to any blogger.

This session's topic: Write a disclaimer or letter warning someone or something about someone or something.

Here's an example from Adrienn,

Recent events have forced me to write up this disclaimer.

I plan to carry copies of it with me at all times, and hand them out on a need-to-be-warned basis.

Because I’m pretty sure our real estate agent found a new line of work after helping us buy our new house and then sell our old one.

And I am more than certain our recent encounter with a camper salesman could have ended with Dennis someone getting throat punched.

Dear person who is about to have to deal with my husband,

            This disclaimer has been issued to you because you are about to engage in a business transaction with my husband.  I feel it my duty, as his wife, to warn you in advance what you can expect over the coming days, weeks, months…or God help you, years.  He is not quick at making decisions.  You might think he has made up his mind, but that’s just foolish of you.  He will spend the next few days thinking of all the reasons why he should’ve went with something else.  Oh. But you already wrote up the deal?  And secured the loan for this one?  That means nothing.  He will probably be back in today to have you show him some other things.  And then show him the one he already picked.  Then that one. And back to the one he picked.  This will go on and on until eventually you will just hand him the keys or give him the lock box code because you just can’t take it anymore.  And he will call you and ask you questions that you don’t have the time or knowledge to answer.  Or ones he could answer himself but he likes to hear you tell him the answer even though it’s the same goddam answer.  And if you require some sort of payment over the internet he will be calling you to pay by phone because he’s a pain in the ass.  And he will likely call you tomorrow to make sure you got his payment even though you told him he was all set yesterday.  He will expect you to treat him like he is the only customer you have.  Because it’s all about him.  And no matter how long the process of purchase takes, when he finally settles on something, he will find faults with his decision and blame you. 

Sorry in advance,

Adrienn Hunt

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Lastly, see our writing prompt responses from last month when guest Norine Dworkin-Mcdaniel of Science of Parenthood asked "You are Scientist/Inventors. What mom invention would make parenting easier/more fun for you?" Go here!

When we support each other we all succeed!

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TGIF Blogger Party with Moms Who Write and Blog!

THANK GAWD IT'S FRIDAY! Because then it would be Monday! Wait, wut? Ladies! Why are you thankful it's Friday? We at Moms Who Write and Blog want to her from YOU! It's your turn to talk! So here's what you do, leave a comment telling us why you are thankful it's not Monday! Top comments will be featured in our next TGIF post!

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TGIF because I'm looking forward to a nice outdoorsy weekend - and by outdoorsy I mean I'll be drinking on my patio.--Does This Outfit Make Me Look Bald? https://www.facebook.com/DoesThisOutfitMakeMeLookBald

I'm thankful it's Friday because tonight I'll have a house full of 12-year-old boys for a sleepover. Wait...I think I did that wrong. Send help!--Stephanie Marsh  https://www.facebook.com/wedontchewglass

TGIF because my kids are with their dad tonight, and I will be kicking it on my deck with a martini and a book and nobody fighting over who the cat likes better.--Middletini  https://www.facebook.com/Middletini.

TGIF because it's movie night and I really need to find out how the heck Sofia got to be a princess overnight after being in the 'village doin' alright'. It will make the Disney channel much more palatable for me. Plus I eat my movie night popcorn with wine.--Susan Lee Maccarelli https://www.facebook.com/peckedtodeathbychickens

TGIF because it's the day of the week I'm supposed to stay off the computer and do housework and laundry. As you can see I'm wildly successful at it!--Lisa Nolan https://www.facebook.com/WriterEducatorPublisherLisaNolan

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How I handle dirty looks and unsolicited parenting advice from strangers in Walmart without accidentally dropping canned foods on their foot by Michelle of Crumpets and Bullocks

Playing the Autism Card: I've seen many versions of the Autism cards that parents hand out in public places on the Internets. For those who don't realize, a common theme in the lives of parents of children on the autism spectrum is to take our kids in public, I know, gasp, and receive a very inviting welcome from the strangers of the world. By inviting welcome, I mean a bunch of dirty looks, criticism on our parenting skills, criticism of our children, and basic asshattery.

(You can read one of my previous posts about that: Dear Dr. Phil Wannabes of Walmart.)

I don't think people who intervene in that manner are ignorant of autism. I think they are mean people. They are just assholes. Think about it. Your kid is freaking out. You are almost in tears, kneeling down trying to tame your child while watching and handling the other kids.

TGIF Blogger Party with Moms Who Write and Blog!

TGIF Blogger Party with Moms Who Write and Blog!

It’s Friday! Oh Lordy! And we’re expressing our thanks, as in TGINM (thank gawd it's not Monday).

Last week's TGIF comments that totally rocked:

"TGIF because, wait, it's Friday already?! Holy crap! It feels like Monday! Cause I work seven days a week! LOL. Happy Friday!"--Lisa Nolan, Writer, Educator, Publisher Lisa Nolan.

"TGIF because I get to send kids to daycare and clean the house in peace!"--Sara, MOTHERfluff.

Throwback Thursday!

We're reaching back in time with some of our awesome Moms Who Write and Blog!

Lea Grover of Becoming Super Mommy is KILLING ME with cuteness in this photo! Check her out on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and YouTube! 

Weekly Writing Prompt with Special Guest Norine of Science of Parenthood

We are hosting the first Weekly Writing Prompt at Moms Who Write and Blog! And our special guest this week giving the prompt is the infamous Norine Dworkin-Mcdaniel of Science of Parenthood. She's awesome and funny and you should check out her blog and social media links! Take it away Norine! Tell us briefly about your blog.

Norine: Thanks mamas! I'm honored! Science of Parenthood is an illustrated humor blog that uses faux math and snarky science to "explain" baffling parenting situations.

Do you have the writing prompt ready? Of course you do!

TGIF Blogger Party with Moms Who Write and Blog!

TGIF Blogger Party with Moms Who Write and Blog!

It’s Friday! Thank Gawd! So we’re having a party…and we want to hear from YOU! Why are YOU thankful it’s Friday? Joining in the fun is simple, just scroll down and LIKE our Facebook Post and then leave your comment.

Last week our top comments were (based on the number of LIKES for each comment):

#1. Adrienn from This UncomplicatedJourney: Thank God It's Friday because around here we play a little game called Fend-For-Yourself-Friday where everybody makes their own damn dinner. I'm making mine in a glass.

Welcome to Throwback Thursday!

Welcome back! 
It's Thursday....which means we're sharing some more 
Throwback Thursday photos of our very own moms 
from Moms Who Write and Blog!

“Still, I think that life is awesome, among many other things–scary, beautiful, hard, hilarious (especially when you become a parent)–and that’s what I like to write about.”-Amy Denby


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