How To Recruit Affiliates

How to recruit affiliates the right way? First, you need to identify what an affiliate is. An affiliate is someone who takes a product or service and promotes it in exchange for a commission when the sale occurs. This is known as affiliate marketing, and the industry has four most important aspects which are, the merchant, the publisher, the network, and the customer.

Well, how does all of this work? The merchant has a product that the publisher is interested in via the network. If the publisher really likes the product they can become an affiliate by marketing the product via links to others that they think might be interested in the product. When the customer buys the product, the publisher is then given a commission from the merchant. These commissions can range from 1 percent all the way to 75 percent depending on what the merchant states in the contract.

Now that everyone knows what an affiliate is what are the best ways to recruit affiliates. What should I do? First off you want to offer a good commission but not one that you cannot afford. You want to make money as well as keep your affiliates happy with the commission size. Next, you should never mass recruit, most people if not all love a one on one relationship and while mass recruiting may seem like a good route to go most end up not being very productive. Next look for a good solid number of affiliates, instead of looking for a few good big guys because more often than not the big players will leave at any sign of higher pay and you will be stuck looking for more affiliates. In essence, it would make more sense to have 100 affiliates more than it would have 10 top affiliates.

Never recruit via spam email, nobody likes getting spam email, and it will more than likely always be trashed. Instead, create a compelling affiliate page that is designed to “sell” the program to the possible affiliate. It should contain realistic expectations that are feasible for a new affiliate, for example, don’t show a graph containing what an affiliate could earn when they refer 200 new sales per week. Also, look into existing customers as possible affiliates. These are people you know enjoy the product and can leave good feedback to potential buyers and can easily endorse the product seeing as they use it.

Another good way to find affiliates is to submit to affiliate program directories. There are about four dozen legitimate directories that are 100 percent free. These directories search all over the internet to find affiliates for others to use. One thing to not do however is buy advertising, for one reason is is extremely high cost and doesn’t produce the results other methods have. By following these steps one can be a bright future in recruiting all the affiliates that are needed for a business, and remember strength comes in numbers both with affiliates and commissions.