How Netflix and Hulu Have Changed How we Watch TV

As internet service expands, and the technology evolved into a more affordable market, more and more people began to shy away from broadcast television. Services such as satellite and cable providers found their subscribers running to more affordable options that offered better and more original programming. from around the world. People wanted more than news and infomercials, they wanted their television back. Two companies stood at the ready to deliver: Netflix and Hulu. 

Netflix offers several featured that viewers and subscribers flocked towards. The first feature was that one could make their very own account as well as up to three others that were accessible across different media formats (phones, PCs, tablets, and even other televisions in the home or most anywhere). This feature allowed the user to have access 24/7 to their entertainment. Next it allowed for saving programs to My List, so even when Netflix changed its library, one could still view their favorite shows. Last, and certainly the most popular feature, is it allowed viewers to binge watch entire seasons of shows and gave birth to the cultural phenomenon known as Netflix and chill, which is where a person invites another person to come and watch Netflix and relax. It is used a lot for informal dating. 

Hulu had a lot of the same features with one major exception. While one can certainly binge watch their favorite shows, Hulu contains commercials, although admittedly fewer than broadcast television. Additionally, one can very the latest episode of their favorite program mere hours after it airs on a broadcast network. So if a show aired at 7pm on a Sunday, at midnight Monday morning it would be available to watch, pause or store to a favorites list.

The world continues its march towards entertainment at ones fingertips 24 hours a day, Netflix and Hulu together with these streaming devices have changed the way we watch television programming and what we expect. With prices much lower, often 10% of that of satellite and cable services, features and multi media formatting Netflix and Hulu provide not only original programs, but familiar favorites subscribers can enjoy and share with friends and family.The companies listened to the market and were pioneers in the internet television viewing industry. Evidence of this can be seen in the awards programs, where Netflix series “House of Cards” was the first to win an Emmy for drama, outflanking the standard broadcast networks in 2013.