How To Stay Popular In The Web Hosting World

Staying popular in the Web hosting world is incredibly important if you are planning to make money as a host. if you didn’t know, then there are two ways that you can become a host: get a datacenter and setup your own servers (massive overhead, but you have the most control), or buy reseller hosting from another host (very little overhead because the beginning price is $20-$30, but you must rely on the host). Regardless of which one you choose, you need to do things right to remain popular. Bandwidth and Disk Space While many of the biggest hosts are selling “unlimited” bandwidth plans, buyers are becoming more savvy and they understand that unlimited really isn’t that great.

If you want to stay popular, then it’s best to give people limited plans where you tell them exactly how much bandwidth and disk space. Not only will this help you sell plans with savvy buyers, but you normally can’t make unlimited plans if you are a reseller, so this isn’t actually in your favor. Coupons and Discounts The world of Web hosting is very competitive and cutthroat.

Many times it’s a race to the bottom of the barrel in terms of pricing just to get a customer to initially buy from you. However, the good thing is that most buyers will stay with you after that first purchase for at least a few months to several years. Offer some coupons to lower your price and discounts (like a lower price if the customer pays for a year or more of hosting). If you don’t do this, then you’re going to find it very hard to get any buyers. Appeal to a Niche Many hosts are vying for the entire market, but this is very hard if you are a small or new host.

Market your website for a specific niche so that you can easily capture those people. For example, going after every buyer will be hard, but going after people that want a TF2 or Minecraft server won’t be as difficult. If you are a reseller, then make sure that you appeal to a niche that you can cater to. For example, most hosts won’t allow users to create tube sites, so don’t market to this crowd. Consider all Possibilities What will your customer need? Hosting with good reviews are great, but the truth is that most people need more than a barebones host.

They want cPanel to control the domain, a website builder to make a website, a script installer for a CMS and marketing credits to get traffic. Consider everything that your customers will need. It doesn’t matter how insignificant the need might seem. You should also ask customers to tell you about their needs so that you can keep improving your service.

Conclusion Setting up your own host is very easy as a physical or reseller host, but getting customers and staying popular is an entirely different issue. You need to make your service as cheap as possible, consider what your customers need, market to a niche and tell people exactly how much bandwidth and disk space that they are getting. This will help you score more buyers so that you can make good money online.